About Us

Western Cloud mission is to create a large digital footprint and help our clients and resellers to provide a cost-effective solution in all TECH services and products

Who is Western Cloud ?

Western Cloud started as a VOIP & Cloud PBX hosting company, as our client base grew the amount of request to provide more hosting solutions exploded and since we we're already doing hosting we pivoted into the hosting field.

With a combined hosting experience of over 15 years our products and services grew rapidly and so did our client base.

We are business focused and strive to provide top tier solutions for small to large companies

  • Business Focused
  • Cost Effective hosting
  • National resellers
  • Top tier VOIP Provider
  • Web Development
  • Expert support
  • Western Tech Store
  • Documented Knowledgebase
  • Compliance driven process
  • Multiple Data Center Locations
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Why choose Western Cloud for your Hosting?

With Western Cloud as your hosting company we provide reliable and scalability for small to large enterprise, combined with the convenience, cost saving, and customer service.

With us you can enjoy all the benefits of cloud computing without any expertise or knowledge — we handle it all for you!

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Happy Customers

Join the growing number of South African businesses that depend on Western Cloud for their hosting & IT requirements.

Brands that Trust us to Deliver

Join the growing number of businesses that depend on Western Cloud for their hosting & IT needs.